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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try Wake for free?
Yep! Sign up for the Free plan, or check out the 30-day Enterprise trial.
What are Contributors and Spectators?
Contributors are users who are allowed to upload content to Wake. Spectators are users who can only view and comment.
How secure is Wake?
All Wake user connections are encrypted using HTTPS using state of the art RSA 2048 bit keys. We invest special care in keeping your data private and safe. Please see our Security Specifications.
What are Spaces?
Spaces are similar to Slack channels. With Pro, you can create both public and private spaces for different projects or teams. Learn more about how your team can use Spaces.
What happens after my trial?
Once your trial has expired you will no longer be able to post, comment or add new users. Your existing posts will still
be viewable.
Can I talk to someone about the Enterprise plan?
Absolutely. Email to get in touch with us directly.